Marketing Management

  • Align marketing efforts with front line member interactions
  • Automate delivery of member specific campaigns and marketing collateral
  • Email campaign automation and tracking
  • Integrate to/from your external marketing tools and manage member referral programs
  • Queue up outbound calls to support high priority marketing campaigns
  • Automate high priority targets with dynamic business rules
  • Measure corporate and individual performance with marketing reports, graphs, and customizable dashboards
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Sales Management

  • Unify your sales team with enterprise visibility and specialized member profiling
  • Automate internal referral programs and measure results with ease
  • Track sales efforts and successes
  • Automate growth plans for members with high impact financial events
  • Calculate and manage incentives for products sales and goal achievement
  • Measure corporate and individual results with sales reports, graphs, and customizable dashboards

Service Management

  • Improve member experience with enterprise accessibility to the status and resolution of service events
  • Leverage unlimited collection of custom data and centralized document storage to track important service details
  • Schedule member appointments and view user availability using the Group Calendar feature, with 2-way Microsoft Outlook syncing
  • Allow members to schedule appointments directly into GoVision from your website, with the new Web Appointment API feature!
  • Manage your lobby traffic and incoming phone calls, identifying trends by department, branch, or member
  • Gain insight into service successes and challenges with service reports, graphs, and customizable dashboards

Data Integration/Automation

  • Seamless integration to your core operating system and other 3rd party data sources
  • Member XP survey data integration
  • Data is collected about your member’s current and future needs
  • Automated referrals, alerts and lead generation
  • Goal tracking, incentive and performance management calculation and reporting

Real Time Member Information - Pop Up Window

  • Pop-up window with actionable member information delivered real time.
  • Target specific membership with marketing campaigns and cross sell opportunities that relate to them.
  • Lobby Management/Next in line, know your member before you speak to them.
  • Enter referrals and track member services without having to leave your desktop

Employee and Member Dashboards

  • A single comprehensive relationship and activity dashboard view for each member
  • Complete Member 360 View
  • Flexible tiles allow administrators to customize global dashboards and provide individuals with options to personalize their view


  • Everything in the GoVision CRM system is trackable, on demand, in the many valuable Reports provided
  • Reports can be customized along with valuable charts and graphs
  • Managers use reports to set individual or branch goals, and to coach their employees, preparing them for successful careers
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GoVision iOS Applications

  • The Lobby Management Application can be used for member self check-in at branch locations, freeing up staff to focus their attention on the member in front of them.
  • Employees using the Marketing Application on their tablet, enter people into drawings and sign-up new members at external marketing events.

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